Bone Disease treatment

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Bone Disease treatment:

Bone diseases are a set of diseases that affect the functioning of bone and related tissue. Disease and conditions such as fracture, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis feature in this. Elaborate description of bone diseases are available in Ayurvedic texts. The Sushruta samhita is a treatise written by Aacharya Sushrutha, has mentioned orthopedic surgery in detailed form. Ayurvedic remedy for bone diseases comprises of right diet and lifestyle measures with herbs to strengthen bone health.

So, it is very crucial to maintain good bone health. Unhealthy diet and unfulfilled nutrition take a toll on the bones.  Especially during the demanding times of childhood, pregnancy, lactation and menopause.

The best way to fulfil these nutritional demands is definitely through diet. A diet that consists of calcium-rich foods like milk and sesame seeds should be maintained. And the second-best way to fulfil the lacking demands is through natural supplements.

Ayurveda offers potent natural supplements that are safe and efficient. A blend of herbs and minerals, Ayurvedic supplements are natural sources of calcium and essential minerals. 



Consult an Ayurvedic physician before using any Ayurvedic medicines. Do not hesitate To get an appointment with Dr. Azad Beg, an Ayurveda therapist, Pick up your phone and call now


Ayurvedic medicines good in osteoporosis:

Milk, ghee, turmeric milk, Ashwagandha, yogaraj Guggulu, shankha bhasmas, praval panchamritas , guggulus, triphala, kapikachu etc.

Treatments like abhyanga, vasti karma are highly recommended

Yoga and Pranayama are very effective.


Please consult an Ayurvedic doctor/consultant before starting with herbs and to get a specific line of treatment and diet schedule. We do Skype consults. For more information or individual Health plan send us an email on

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Managing osteoporosis requires a consistent focus from both the patient and the family. A complete change in lifestyle and the support of an expert Ayurveda doctor will help you manage your condition effectively.

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