Joint Pain

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Joint Pain Treatment:

Most of the time, the quality of our life is determined by the quality of our activities. From smiling to walking, movements are carried out with the help of the specific group of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints. These organs together form a locomotor system. Usually pain and/ or limitation of the movement are the first and most common symptoms of the imbalance of this system, which can affect movements immediately or later depending upon the cause. Even a slight pain with a locomotive system can affect the quality of life. And when the pain and limitation of the movement are chronic and intense life becomes a misery. Ayurveda is helpful with many health issues and diseases of the loco motor system. Ayurveda can also advise you regarding the lifestyle that can improve your joint and muscle health.

Causes of Joint Pain

1. Improper use: All of the organs of loco motor system are designed to move. If we are not using them properly, it can result into inflammation, wasting and degenerations producing various symptoms. Incorrect posture, over use of certain movements without proper rest (related to work, household chores or exercise), overextension or moving the joint in wrong directions, fixed posture for a long time (like when we are using the computer), etc.

2. Infections: Like arthritis, gout, SLE, osteomyelitis, etc.

3. Deficiency: Especially of iron, calcium, Vitamin D, etc.

4. Metabolic disorders: Especially sodium/ potassium levels, hormone imbalance, etc.

5. Damage/diseases of nerves: will affect the functioning of the muscles, tendons and ligaments, and there by the movements involved. Sometimes damage to a joint could be the reason for damage of the nerves affecting a group of muscles and associated tendons and/ligaments. Eg: Inter vertebral disc prolapse damages spinal nerves leading to problems with arms or legs.

Ayurvedic treatment options for loco motor system:

1. Herbal combinations: Ayurveda offers a range of wonderful herbal combinations for joints, muscles and associated structure. In India, people prefer Ayurveda over other systems of medicine when it comes to these issues.

2. Specific therapeutic massage treatments: Various massage techniques are advised to help with lubrication of joints and ease muscle tension. Kati basti, Griva basti, Kizhi/pouch massages are examples. Use of herbalized oil improves efficacy by many folds. Multiple sessions may be required to get long lasting results. Read more about Ayurvedic treatments here

3. Detox treatments: Helps to address the root cause and get back to balance.

Osteoarthritis Lifestyle

  • Doing a regular mild exercise programme to enable the joint to move and prevent further damages. Do not indulge in any hard job which may damage the joints.
 Don’t misuse your joints. Both excessive use and reduced use of your joints is bad for you.
  • Move at least for 30 minutes daily.
  • Weight is a main cause in the destruction of your joints, so keep your weight optimum.
  • While loosing weight, try to increase your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Don’t go for excessive fasting as it will cause dryness in your body and will increase Vatha.
  • Don’t bear the natural urges of urine and stool, these increase Vatha in your body and is a cause of many diseases
  • Apply the Ayurveda Massage oils prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor to calm down the vatha dosha. After applying the oils on your joints, don’t forget to foment your joints properly.

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