Kidney Treatment

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Kidney Treatment

Chronic kidney disease is defined as kidney damage or a decreased kidney glomerular filtration rate of less than 60, for 3 months or more. Slowly and steadily there will be a progressive decline in kidney function, resulting in the accumulation of toxins, excess water, and salts in all organ systems. There is increased blood pressure, anemia, and many other complex symptoms along with which are listed below.  Symptoms of chronic kidney disease. 

  1. Swollen feet and ankles
  2. Poor appetite

Dry, itchy skin

  • Need to urinate more often/ urinate less in quantity.
  • Have less energy, get fatigued early.
  • Puffiness/swelling around eyes in the morning

& sometimes importantly no symptoms occur in younger patients. The Ayurvedic treatment of chronic renal failure is based on three principles:

  • Treating the damaged kidneys- STOPS PROGRESSIVE CREATININE
  • Treating the body tissues (dhatus) which make up the kidneys
  • Treating the known cause of the disease

As the kidney is not performing its cleansing function it causes accumulation of toxins and this consequently causes blockages in the parts through which our body discards undesirable waste from the body as stool and urine. As simple as Fever and its medicine decreases vitality & immunity levels of body, also Pain killers cause indigestion & Acidity. Natural herbs are then used to enhance digestion, remove poisons from the body.

Risk factors involving Renal Disease

This is true that anybody can suffer from kidney disease. But risk is higher in different cases:

  • 30% risk if you have Diabetes
  • 20 % risk if you have high B.P.
  • Hereditary Factor
  • Above 60 years of age
  • High intake of Allopathic Medicine like Pain Killers/NSAIDs.

Prevention is better than Cure for Kidney Problems

If you are diabetic the more are the chances of developing kidney diseases. High Blood Pressure also attributes to renal failure. So, every individual should keep a close eye & monitor his sugar & BP levels regularly. Do keep a record of it along with.

Lifestyle management is the need of the hour. Due to our hectic lifestyle we are not able to give due importance to our health. Some Lifestyle management tips are as follows:

  • Reducing excess body fat. Regular gym, Exercise & Yoga can make you fit.
  • Visiting your doctor twice a year is mandatory.
  • Regular Liver Function & Renal Function should be investigated.
  • Eat food according to your Prakruti. A vegetarian low fat diet supports a healthy system.
  • Regular use of seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Use only recommended medicines. Avoid spurious drugs.
  • Alcohol in moderate quantities. Quit smoking.
  • Reduce stress by practicing Pranayama & Meditation (Dhyana)

Ayurvedic Treatments are always individually formulated. For specific treatment, consult with a qualified Ayurvedic physician Dr. Azad.

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