Piles Treatment

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Treatment consists of diet modifications and laxatives

known as Hemorrhoids, Piles or Hemorrhoids are stated as the collection of inflamed tissues in the anal canal. This might include blood vessels, muscle, support tissue and elastic fibres.

A significant number of people suffer from the problem of piles. However, the symptom might not always be obvious. Noticeable symptoms of Nowadays, Hemorrhoids can be seen in at least 50% of individuals in India before turning 50 years of age.

What Causes Haemorrhoids (piles)?

  • Piles are usually caused when you strain to pass a stool. So people who are frequently constipated and who regularly strain, often suffer from piles
  • They are also common during or after pregnancy due to the pressure from the developing baby, hormonal changes and the delivery of the baby.

Smaller piles will disappear naturally when constipation is alleviated.

Symptoms of Piles

Usually, piles symptoms are not serious and can be naturally resolved normally after a few days. The symptoms can be as follows:

Hard and painful lump felt around the anus containing coagulated blood. Piles with blood are referred to as thrombosed external hemorrhoids.

  1. A feeling of bowel being full even after passing a stool
  2. After a bowel movement, visibility of bright red blood
  3. Itching, redness and soreness around the anus area
  4. Painful passing of stool

A more severe condition of piles can include:

  1. Excessive anal bleeding
  2. Infection
  3. Faecal incontinence
  4. Anal fistula
  5. Strangulated hemorrhoids

Piles are classified into four grades as follows:

1. Grade I: Grade I piles are small inflammations that are not visible which are generally inside the anus lining.

2. Grade II: These are inside the anus but are larger than grade I piles. However, they might be pushed out while passing stool but usually return unaided.

3. Grade III: Also known as prolapsed hemorrhoids, they might be felt hanging from the rectum and can be seen outside the anus. However, they can be re-inserted easily.

4. Grade IV: This form of piles is larger compared to other grades and appear outside anus. They require treatment, as they cannot be pushed back.

External piles can lead to the formation of a small lump on the outside edge of the anus which can be very itchy and painful in case of blood clot development. In the case of thrombosed external piles, immediate medical treatment is needed. If there is an irritation or an itch associated with piles, ask your doctor for advice and to get the better result with Ayurveda treatment get a consultation with Dr.  Azad Beg Pick up your phone and call || Or Visit our Clinic in your cities or nearby:
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