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Dhat disorder is a condition found in the way of life of the Indian subcontinent in which male patients report that they experience the ill effects of premature ejaculation or impotence, and also believe that they are passing semen in their pee.

Is Spermatorrhea a disease?

Spermatorrhea is a state of exorbitant, automatic discharge. If a patient had discharges outside of marital intercourse, or discharged more semen than is regular, at that point he was diagnosed to have a disease called spermatorrhea.

Ayurveda Medicines for Spermatorrhoea

Spermatorrhoea implies automatic loss of semen, which generally happens during sleep or under different conditions (during pee or on a stool) at different time. It is often associated with touchiness and debility of the generative organs.

Dhat Syndrome – How It Affects You?

While a few illnesses and medical conditions influence individuals everywhere throughout the world, there are some that are pervasive just among a specific social group or locale. Dhatu rog or Dhat disorder is one such socially bound disorder that influences men in the Indian subcontinent area including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. In some case, it might likewise influence the women of this area.

The word ‘dhat’ is gotten from the Sanskrit word ‘dhatu’ which signifies ‘metal’ or ‘elixir’. Symptoms, for example, weakness, tension and sexual dysfunction caused by the passing of a whitish liquid or whitish particles that are accepted as semen in the pee. Different side effects that an individual with this condition may express are weakness, absence of hunger, poor concentration and guilt.

Symptoms detailed

  1. Fatigue and drowsiness
  2. Appetite loss
  3. Lack of physical strength
  4. Poor focus and carelessness
  5. Guilt
  6. Sexual dysfunction

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