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Low Libido

Low libido and loss of sexual desire are extremely common, have a multitude of causes, and are often treatable. I’m a sex therapist with over 15 years’ experience helping individuals & couples in different-different cities, understand desire and learn how to get it back. I’m an MD as well as a sex therapist, so I know all the options and can offer customized treatment. If you’re suffering from low libido or loss of sexual desire, contact me today for a consultation.


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What causes low libido and loss of sexual desire?

There are hundreds of possible causes for loss of libido. Stress and exhaustion certainly top the list these days. Then there’s hating your body; feeling angry, worried, or preoccupied; painful intercourse; bad sex in general; or any combination of the below.

  • being in a long-term relationship and becoming overfamiliar with your partner
  • loss of sexual attraction
  • unresolved conflict and frequent arguments
  • poor communication
  • difficulty trusting each other
  • physical sexual problems


How common are low libido and loss of sexual desire?  

Extremely common. One well-known study found that 40% of a representative sample of adult American women reported a significant loss of desire in the previous year.

Sexual desire isn’t automatic. It’s normal to lose desire when the sex you’ve been having just isn’t making you feel good about yourself.

A first consultation for low libido or loss of sexual desire?

My goal is for you to leave the office with a better understanding of why you or your partner has lost desire — and what your best strategies and options might be for doing something about it.


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