Erectile Dysfunction

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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the condition in which a person doesn't get a proper erection, the erection is not hard enough to carry out proper penetrative sex, It is commonly known as impotence. There can be two different cases of erectile dysfunction. One is the case in which the person has never had an erection; while the other is in which the person does sometimes have erections, but not all the time.

Symptoms of Erectile dysfunction (E.D) ?

Patterns of erectile dysfunction consist of the symptoms given below: 1.Irregular inability to obtain a full erection ( Soft penis ) 2.Inability to maintain an erection during intercourse 3.Absolute inability to achieve an erection Your thoughts control your Brain and your brain controls your Body, You should try to control your thoughts. A man who have perfectly healthy body Can have problem with erection because of interrupting thoughts.

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