Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is the condition in which a person doesn't get a proper erection, the erection is not hard enough to carry out proper penetrative sex, It is commonly known as impotence. There can be two different cases of erectile dysfunction. One is the case in which the person has never had an erection; while the other is in which the person does sometimes have erections, but not all the time.


Erection occurs when arteries in the penis widen and veins narrow to prevent blood outflow. As the result, blood rushes into penis, become strapped and produces an erection. Impotence occurs when something interferes with this process and other Common causes of ED include organic diseases that affect blood flow nerve diseases or hormonal imbalances. Psychological factors, such as stress, depression and performance anxiety, can also play a role in ED. Chronic illness certain medications and a condition called Peyronies disease can also be responsible for ED. Recent Studies have shown up to 50 percent of adult males suffer from erectile dysfunction at some time during their lives. however, generally indicates there is a problem requiring treatment.

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someone rather it is a treatable disease. When you talk to your doctor, you will come to know that ED is like fever. 1. You're not the first guy to discuss ED with your doctor. 2. Your sexual health is part of your overall health. 3. Medical conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes may lead to erectile dysfunction. It may not be the fault of your penis. Talk about it and let the doctor decide what's exactly is wrong

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